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RULES [24 Nov 2005|11:22am]
[ mood | busy ]

AS OF NOW, rainbow_notes will be FRIENDS-ONLY.

Livejournals are free, you can sign up for one and get access here!

Please read these rules (most snagged from Pikoluff) and you'll be set!:

1. Comment on ANY entry you have downloaded from! You don't have to comment on entries you didn't download from but if you want that's good too!

2. "You MUST have me added back to stay on my friends list. There are too many people wanting an add to waste the spaces on someone who won't even check the journal. As far as I know, Livejournal still has a limit on how many people one can add to their friends list - that limit is 750." ~ Piko

3. Don't re-upload rainbow_notes exclusive music to your own Music LJ or torrent sites. Like Piko said, if I find out you will be permanentally banned from rainbow_notes. A lot of mainstream songs are okay though, most of the time. But please credit me if you do take them from me and reupload somewhere.

4. Comment ONLY in this entry to be added to rainbow_notes.

5. You MUST have rainbow_notes added to YOUR friendslist before I add you to mine, for reasons look at rule #2.

6. Everyone who wants to be added must comment here and have the word cheesecake somewhere within their comment.

7. Have fun and enjoy the music!

After you read the rules, comment to this entry to be added.

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